Location: Boston, MA

Scope: Interior Renovation

Status: Completed

Landscape Architect: Someone

Size: 2,500 SF


A new open office suite was previously a storage space for a tailor. During the renovation, the existing ceiling was removed and a panel formed vaulted concrete structure was revealed. The concrete ceiling immediately became the main design feature. Visual connectivity between the personnel and the architecture was essential to the planning and aesthetics to create a social and efficient work environment. Clerestory glass partitions and select glass openings between floating casework walls allow for each co-workers visual awareness, as well as the ceiling construction. Carpet set between polished concrete floors and fabric wall panels set within painted wood casework walls mitigate the acoustic issues of the hard concrete ceiling surfaces and glass walls. Project phasing included initial build out and then furniture selection and finishes.


2015 A' International Design Awards - Gold Award (Interior Space)

2015 Boston Society of Architects, Honor Awards for Design Excellence - Honor Award (Interior Architecture / Interior Design)

2015 International Design Awards - Silver Award (Interior Office/Renovation)

2015 AIA New England Design Awards - Merit Award (Interiors)

2015 Architects Newspaper - Best of Design Award (Building Renovation)