Location: Charlestown, MA

Scope: New Construction

Status: On the Boards

Size: 6,700 SF

Landscape Architect: Halvorson Design Partnership

Located in the Navy Shipyard of Charlestown, MA, Pier 8 is one of many piers along the Boston coastline that are effected by climate change and new development. Working within best practices for climate change adaptation and resiliency for new construction, the design includes a new construction first level wood deck platform set above the category three storm elevation, and the second floor set above the category four storm elevation. Located directly along the State mandated Chapter 91 Harborwalk, the building massing is offset on the ground floor in order to provide a social gathering space open to the public. The Harborwalk is also extended from the Pier to the water’s edge with a new floating public dock that includes a swimming pool and event space.